Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Healing Break

Since I've been doing nothing but sit around read books and surf the web these past few days, I have found some very interesting sites to read. The deeper I go down the rabbit hole seeking some sort of understanding of this modern world, the more terrifying it becomes. The more I accept the realities that I see, and the more I meditate and walk the path of dhamma, the more convinced I am that those of us whose eyes are open and who are wide awake must do something, anything, to halt this long march of death and destruction. Whether this is through noble action of the kind taken by Dr. King, or through the spreading of metta as taught and shown by the Buddha. But I cannot turn a blind eye to murder, I cannot condone it through apathy and I surely cannot fund it through coerced taxation. If I can open people's eyes to the truth of our 'civilization', if I can point one person towards the path of dhamma, and if I can continue my own search for truth and fill myself with love and compassion then I know that I am fighting the good fight. When you walk the path of dhamma, you can only be right in your actions and thoughts.