Thursday, September 27, 2012

In November, the Apocalypse.

My 2 cents on the election. I highly doubt Romney will get elected, unless it's something along the lines of Bush in 2000, and then it doesn't matter if we vote. I agree with everyone, everywhere that Romney and the Republicans are despicable. But I also believe the same for Obama and the Democrats. They are just despicable in different ways. But I do not support American Imperialism, I do not support the police state, I do not support the complete corporate ownership of our government, I do not support the modern banking system. I cannot condone murder, torture, unlawful imprisonment, the privatization of America or the corruption of our food system. I can't get behind the destruction of Unions, the destruction of the working poor, the destruction of the Middle Class, the Middle East and our own backyards through fracking. I cannot vote for a man who declares the right to murder anyone, anywhere, whenever he determines they are a 'threat' to 'national security'; a man who is engaged in terrorism in NW Pakistan. Just as I cannot vote for a man who is a religious fundamentalist and a corporate sociopath. Both parties represent the furtherance of all these ills. Capitalism has an endgame of extinction. We are witnessing exponential growth bumping up against a finite world. We can either accept this outcome and blindly walk the road to destruction or we can open our eyes to a broader and more varied range of outcomes. Change is the only constant. Life is a constant battle against entropy. We are on a losing path. Any action to further cement the status quo is an action to further an entropic victory. Life demands that we stick up for it. bhavatu sabba mangalam