Thursday, December 22, 2011

This World We Live In

The Buddha taught non-violence, not pacifism. If we turn our backs on evil and destructive forces then we become complicit in their actions. It is up to each individual to look within themselves and decided when action is required to stop greater evils from occurring. My eyes are open and I am awake to the forces that work on this planet to destroy life and promote suffering. I can not sit by and say "this is not my problem, this is too big and I am so small". If I sit and stare into the face of evil and do nothing, then I become a part of that evil. This is not a call to arms for the rest of you, we each have our own path to walk in this life, but an explanation of my views and beliefs about the world. I strongly believe, no, I strongly know, the truth in the saying 'may all beings be happy'. If I am too seek my own happiness, I cannot allow it to be forcefully denied to others. I came across this interview that strongly supports many things I have seen and believed about the world we live in today. Who knows the way to conquer these evils or the paths that must be taken, but I know that my journey leads in that direction. I cannot sit on a meditation cushion while the world around me collapses. This is a journey into the unknown and all I ask is your support and understanding while I continue along it.


I have seen the good intentions that pave our
road to hell
Stood by its side
weary, downtrodden
between the siren pull of the forest
and the brimstone path to the abattoir
Though I wish to hide
deep in the sleeping belly of the earth
I can not turn my back
on the pavers
the travellers
the caravans of tired, lonely people
I cannot be complicit in their slaughter
and so I drag reluctant feet
ever onwards
as black smoke builds on the horizon.

bhavatu sabba mangalam

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