Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Continuum

It is hard to to believe the insanity of the folks in Washington, DC these days. It beggars belief. I could go on and on about how dumbfounding the actions of our elected officials all. Whether the blatant sociopathy of the Republicans or the insidious complacency of the Democrats. It just seems too improbable that things have ended up this way. It got me to thinking, if we are living in an oligarchic plutocracy, where every law passed and decision made is for the benefit of moneyed interests, what better system could there be? I see it as a continuum. I wish I could make a chart to better show this, but it goes something like this: The Common Good - The Corporate Good - The Corporate Great. In this case, the Dems represent the Corporate Good and the Repubs represent the Corporate Great. The Repubs are standing incredibly far from the Common Good, espousing policies that will do incredible harm to our society and our environment, and bullying anyone who disagrees. From this perspective the Dems policies look fairly sane and reasonable. But the 'reasonable' alternative to insane destruction does not have to be good or smart. It just does not have to be insanely destructive. It can just be plain old destructive. In this way, our only alternative to utter destruction, is to be saddled with policies supporting the Corporate Good. Anything that would provide for the Common Good doesn't even get mentioned. When the Repubs win, they win big (see BUSH II) for the plutocracy and when they lose, and the Dems win, then it still is a victory for the plutocracy. In this way, we, the citizen, can never win. We can only choose between great evil and evil. What is seen as the sane counterpoint to crazed ideas, would seem insane if we started from the viewpoint of the Common Good. But since the Common Good is wholly ignored we become blinded to this fact. We believe that we are seeing a battle between the Left and the Right, between Liberals and Conservatives. When the reality is that we are shown a battle between what the rich and powerful want and what they believe they can get. Nowhere are our concerns addressed. It is time we shone some light on the Common Good end of the continuum. Hopefully if we can concentrate enough light over there, the Corporate Great end will go dark and the Corporate Good will gather shadows.

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