Saturday, July 9, 2011

We the People...

I had always thought the United States government existed to serve the people, not that the people existed to serve the government. Lately I have seen how wrong I was. It is time we turned it around and created/demanded a government that serves the citizens.
And FFS corporations are not citizens! I don't care what the Supreme Court says. It is disgusting. It reminds me of the arguments against same-sex marriage: 'If you let the gays marry, then what is stopping siblings from marrying, or polygamy, or a man marrying his dog.' Well if you make a corporation into a person then what is stopping animals or machines or hell! rocks from being made into legally recognized people. I would think the main defining characteristic of all this is that you need to be a human being in order to be a citizen and a person in the eyes of the law.

But to get back to the main point and another problem I see with the way things are right now.

If the US gov't exists for the people and by the people, then we all technically own this country. Our taxes bought and paid for all the land and all the infrastructure of this nation. And yet we have to pay property taxes! We are basically renting land that we bought from ourselves (the gov't) from the gov't (who should be serving us). I don't see how this is at all legal. I can't go to your house, sell you your TV and then charge you a monthly fee to use it. It is your TV, you own it! Even the TV you had to buy from someone else who previously owned it. (Retailer/Manufacturer) But the land... we already owned it. Private citizens bought land from the collective property of our citizenry, (also known as the USA) for their own use. Now that we have sold this land our gov't expects them to pay a monthly fee to retain ownership. If you stop paying your property taxes they can take your property. This just seems obscenely criminal on so many levels. I may be wrong though. This could all be ok, I don't have all the facts and would love to be enlightened from either side of the debate. I will admit I have a lot of personal bias after watching my mom struggle to pay her property taxes. My family bought in to a rural community 30+ years ago. We have always been middle class. Now this area is hugely developed and attracting a lot of upper class people. So the property value and taxes have sky rocketed. But my mom is still in the middle class. So now she has to pay taxes on a house she never could afford to buy today, instead of taxes on the house she did buy 30+ years ago. Insanity!!

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